“ Excellent experience, excellent team, very helpful too…Ashray has assisted us at every step of the way and are a very co-operative team to work with.

We love our new home… it is so peaceful and serene here. And the action is just a fifteen minute drive away. We are away from it all, yet not too far away. We love how they have continued to maintain the complex even after completion. Girish and Ashwini are fantastic! They are friendly and professional, all rolled in one! In short, I’ve done several property deals and this has been by-far my best experience.”

Tony and Meenu


Our experience with Ashray has been ‘Unreal’ – In today’s world of construction, where you get what you see and the builder puts his money where his mouth is.

There is never a no and there is nothing that cannot be sorted out. A builder that only thinks positively and is completely client oriented.
The Ashray Team is very friendly, creative, always willing to go that extra mile even if the job requirement was out of the ambit of their scope of work, willing to listen and take suggestions. Overall, a very happy atmosphere at work!

Lalit & Neeta


When I came by to Belvederre, it was under-construction and I was so much in awe of the place that it took me just 5 minutes to sign over the cheque! Here I am today, sitting by the pool – enjoying the peace and the newspaper.

That’s all I have to say… Thank you and bye-bye.



Belvedere – what an experience, starting from the foundation to the completion. Girish and Ashwini have made our house, our home; which we fall in love with, more each day.

They have a super friendly team, who have been there all the way with their help and assistance, and have delivered to our expectations. The time frame for the completion was good too.

Gus and Yasmeen


After two years of looking for a place in Goa, Belvederre by Ashray Developers is exactly what I wanted and needed. It’s like the cliche,’good things come to those who wait’, finding its way into my reality.

Ashwini and Girish are not only amazing developers, but lovely people with a warm and welcoming team. Everyone is a pleasure to deal with, helpful beyond their scope and they bring a wonderful sense of community at Belvederre.

Ashray has given me a home, not a house in Goa.



This house is amazing… It’s like a gift from God!

We still maintain a beautiful relationship with Ashray even after the completion of our home. Now that stands for a lot!
The Ashray team was always very respectful. That was the most important for us! Educated, professional people all the way…
Girish was a complete gentlemen and his outlook was always super positive.

I would love to work with Ashray again!

Nyassa (Client)