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Mayberry Villas: A flavour of Anjuna, Goa

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Luxury second homes located in the best hot-spots of North Goa. Come home for a holiday.

Located along the Southern Ghats of the Konkan, the tropical state of Goa is truly India’s envy and the world’s pride. Green, lush and welcoming, it is also the finest showcase for the golden sand and sun-kissed beaches of the Arabian Sea. In addition to that, it is known for its colonial past, melting-pot culture, and terrific, homegrown cuisine. Truly, “Goa” spells “memorable vacation” and “dream getaway” like nothing else does.

What if we tell you that you have an opportunity to own an ultra-luxurious 4/5BHK Balinese Villa with its very own pool in the vicinity of the world-famous Anjuna beach in North Goa; a locale noted for its lifestyle spots, vast vistas, and delectable line up of cuisines in the finest of restaurants.

Presenting Mayberry Villas, Ashray Developers’ latest ode to Anjuna. Located at Arpora-Anjuna Road behind Splashdown Water Park, the thirteen gorgeous homes in phase 1 are nestled in the very lap of nature; a secret Eden waiting to be discovered. So even as you enjoy an untarnished serenity like none other, the stately villas are a stone’s throw away from the most happening restaurants and picturesque beaches in the town.

A single look at the layout will reveal the quiet opulence and understated elegance of the homes; after all, true sophistication never shouts, it only whispers in tandem with the rhythm of the waves. The facade of each villa is singularly majestic, reflecting the comforts and conveniences lined up with painstaking thought and effort for your family.

So whether you are walking hand in hand with that special someone along the poolside or enjoying a weekend getaway with your teammates, we invite you to explore the finesse of the exquisite design at leisure. And even as you breathe in the fresh, salty air, you will be filled with contentment that few other things can’t match.

The interiors have been designed with glazed doors and window panes that you can enjoy the cheerful sunny mornings with the refreshing zephyrs.

The state of the art kitchen is spacious, warm, and welcoming, inviting you to wear the chef’s hat ever so often. Take your pick from yummy local fare or simply dip into the time-honoured repertoire of mom’s cooking.

The bathrooms are adorned with the natural elements of light and space, the fittings are earthy yet top of the line and aesthetic.

Retire for the night into any of the plush bedrooms thoughtfully created for a good night’s slumber. Wake up refreshed, fresh as a daisy to chase your next dream. The perfection our team has been chasing is best reflected in the dazzling smiles of your family and loved ones.

At the core of this entire splendour, there is a deep-seated respect for simplicity, functionality, and good, clean living. Mayberry villas are not an array of ostentatious amenities crammed together; they are finely designed homes with a soul and purpose.

And if that purpose is found along the alluring shores of Anjuna, who’s complaining?

(Possession November 2021.)



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