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The Essence of Ashray

“A design isn’t finished until someone is using it.”

– Brenda Laurel

With this disposition, the architect- civil engineer duo, Ashwini and Girish Ragha, brought Ashray Developers to life in 1995.

Ashray Developers is a well- recognized real estate development firm with luxury apartments, villas, complexes, and commercial projects dotted along North Goa’s navigation.

Ashray, literally translates to ‘shelter,’ but the company translates Ashray to more. With hard work, fortitude, and the zeal for world-class design and execution, the team provides luxury residential and commercial developments.

At Ashray, project creation is considered an art. Client inputs are chronicled, and progress is analysed, as premium design and high quality materials come together. At the same time, the respective visions of Girish and Ashwini, add perfection and brilliance to every Ashray property.

“Quality, quality, quality to the absolute last detail, that is our sole focus. We pour all our energies into making the finest built quality in town. Do not expect anything less from us.”– the Ashray ethos test


Having nurtured Ashray from ground zero, Ashwini and Girish want the work to speak for itself. The couple understands the intricacies of working together, and appreciate each other’s inputs. While, work conversations tend to overlap dining table talk, they consider it an advantage, as in this case, the biggest admirer is also the strongest critic.

When it comes to division of work, the art of visualisation falls in Ashwini’s lap. A student of Goa College of Architecture, she spends time recognising client choices, keeping the classic and trending design aesthetics in vision, and then, churns out the best-laid plans.

“People should look at our work and be struck by it—the attention to detail, the material used, the design elements. It all comes together as a sales pitch in itself.” — Ashwini Ragha

But, homes are not built on paper, and the masterful strokes of Girish, come into play. A civil engineer from Gogte University of Technology in Belgaum, he loves a challenge, and pushes innovation with every development. With the duo’s expertise integrated, a variety of beautiful developments have become home to families, and businesses in Goa.

Girish measures success by what the existing clients feel, “I don’t want to sell because of advertising, but because we organically keep growing with appreciation from existing clients.”


The Ashray Advantage

Rental Management

Ashray helps in welcoming others to rent your home. With lacing in the hospitality, concierge, and project management services, the company offers complete value to home owners.

Concierge Services

Going beyond delivering a house, we help our clients with concierges who can assist your move-in process and planning of your home management.

Project Maintenance

There is a special warmth in walking out of your home in the morning to a well-manicured garden, Ashray provides all its properties with best-in-the-business gardeners and maintenance personnel to keep the property looking as good as it was when you first stepped in to see it.


For those who choose to make one of Ashray’s properties their forever homes, the warmth is shared mutually. The Ashray team is always available at almost any time of need. A family takes care of its own.


A smooth transition into your new home being important to us, we assure our clients of legally-binding paperwork at every step of the process.


To us at Ashray, keeping our word means everything and ensuring on-time delivery of a home you’ve invested in, is one the benefits we offer our clients.


Helping you with house-keeping staff and personnel when required, with Ashray you can rest assured that all your cleaning and day-to-day housekeeping needs can be taken care of.


Helping you get medical consultation right at your home, we provide our clients with the possibility of availing medical services on call.

The Ashray Approach

Respect isn’t earned overnight. Ashray Developer’s lasting bonds with clients is the foundation of a success story, and a result of personalised care.

With over two decades of luxury developments, Ashray has redefined modern construction in Goa. The motto is simple: You don’t walk away with a structure of brick and mortar. You walk away with a dream fulfilled.

Sensible Sustainability

  • Use of Fly-Ash Bricks in Construction
  • Usage of Low-Volatile Paints
  • Individual Water Controllers for Each Unit
  • Conservation of Maximum Trees on All Our Properties
  • Developing Green Landscapes for Our Properties
  • Reduction of PlyWood, Cement, Sand and Water Usage: By Use of Gypsum
  • Selection of High-Efficiency Equipment
  • Use of CFL and LED lighting, Instead of GSL
  • Reduction of Material Usage through Low-Density Development Projects


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