Why Ashray?

Ashray is not like any other company and so you have heard many say before, but we at Ashray, take pride in the quality of the well-designed-product we deliver to our clients. We, as a team, put in a lot of our efforts to help convert our properties into homes for our clients.

Quality, quality, quality to it’s absolute last detail, is what we concentrate on and pour all our energies into, thus do not expect anything less from us- than the finest built quality in town.

We know how it feels to walk out of your home in the morning to a well-manicured garden and so we provide all our properties with best-in-the-business gardeners and maintenance personnel to keep the property looking as good as it was when you first stepped in with Ashray and saw it.

We continue to help: providing our clients with house-keeping staff and personnel if ever required, to assist them on their stay, so as to make it homely and convenient on every trip.

For those who choose to make one of Ashray’s properties their forever homes, we boast of our friendly, well-known and loved by all our clients team! Our team is always available to all our clients at almost any time of need. We are a family and we take care of our own.

We look forward to welcoming you home-