About Ashray Developers

Ashray Real Estate Developers is a construction and development firm, that has successful erected several works of unparalleled quality and distinction like no other; and has continued to do so, since 1995. Our forte has always been quality, couple that with luxury and voila! Our commercial and residential projects are born.

Every detail within our projects at Ashray has been thoughtfully designed and planned meticulously to it’s last detail, by some of Goa’s finest architects and backed by equally competent civil engineers and contractors. This results in the amalgamation of some of the best villas that have been offered in this land of the sea and the sands.

Our upcoming and ongoing projects consist of luxury apartments and high-end villas with plush-field views, designer finishes and premium built-quality homes situated in prime locations within North Goa.

Under our achievement belts are projects like ‘Nyassa’, ‘Aquamarine’, ‘Belvederre’, ‘Tranquille’ and ‘Symphonny’, which stand as a proud statement of the premium quality we deliver and our bequeathed luxury.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Homes we build at Ashray Real Estate Developers, but most of all we look forward to welcoming you to the Ashray Family…

Please feel free to write to us via-email or please call with any queries who may have.

About the Owners

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Ashray real estate developers is directed and steered by a dynamic husband-wife duo who when at work transform into a very hardworking and quality-conscious civil engineer-architect couple.

Ashwini Ragha is an environment conscious, strong-willed architect in her own right, who takes on every client’s design desires with such finesse and adds such grace to each of our projects. She has studied atchitecture from the Goa College of Architecture and has worked with a number of leading architects with differing design sensibilities and ethos to be able to gain enough experience before starting out on her own. She focuses on working closely with clients to be able to troubleshoot the challenge of combining the little nuances of cultural and aesthetic diversity and the architects own sense of space and design.

Girish Ragha is the other hand to the Ashray roller, who emphasises on quality-construction and integrity at work. He personally has made time for each client over the years to make them feel more at home with Ashray, and we don’t think there is a soul that would doubt that! He completed his bachelors in civil engineering from the Gogte Univesity of Tecnology in Belgaum and moved to Goa to gain hands on experience in structural design and then construction.
His keen sense of design and attention to detail only adds to the quality of the projects and his ability to be data driven and as well as be graceful under pressure, contributes to the success of the company.